This chapter was last reviewed and/or updated April 2021.

1. Referral for Transport Provision

To enable secure, appropriate, and cost-effective transport provision for customers, it is important that the correct procedures are followed for ordering transport. This will enable the process to be more streamlined and help you to avoid unnecessary paperwork, and it ensures that invoices are sent directly to business support for efficient payment. Where possible, practitioners are encouraged to book in advance. If practitioners are booking at least five days in advance, they should make bookings using the Transport Referral Form. This must be agreed as part of the person’s Care and Support Plan and included in their personal budget calculation.

2. Bookings for Journeys within Five Days

As these are classed as urgent journeys, these can be made directly with the company:

  • check the Transportation Group Database (Lincolnshire County Council intranet) to ensure that the vendor is an approved operator. The suppliers list constantly changes so please check before booking;
  • contact the company to make the booking;
  • as soon as the booking is made, fill out a Single Request for Goods / Services form for a purchase order to be raised. Adult Care staff should follow the E-Purchasing guidance (Lincolnshire County Council intranet) guidance;
  • if you do not have access to a computer, contact the e-Purchasing Helpdesk for the order to be put through on your behalf. You will be provided with a reference number.

By raising the order at the time of the booking, the purchase order will be sent through to the taxi company so the order number can be included on their invoice. With the date of the purchase order preceding the date of the invoice, this will not be classed as a retrospective order.

By providing a purchase order number at the time of the booking, the payments process is streamlined and complies with LCC Financial Regulations.

If you have any further enquiries, please email the Transportation Team.