July 2019: This chapter was amended as a result of local review. The section on ordinary residence was removed (see Ordinary Residence).

When a person is found eligible for fully funded NHS Continuing Healthcare, a jointly funded care package, or NHS-Funded nursing care an initial review of their care needs should be undertaken at 12 weeks and annually thereafter. An earlier review can be requested if there is a significant change in needs.

Reviews for people in receipt of fully funded NHS continuing healthcare or NHS-Funded nursing care do not routinely require the attendance of a LCC Adult Care practitioner. They can be unilaterally undertaken by a nurse assessor or other health professional. The purpose of these reviews is to determine whether the care package in place is meeting the individual’s needs, not to reassess their eligibility.

Where the review identifies changes in the person’s needs that may impact on their eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare, a referral will be made to LCC Adult Care for a practitioner to attend a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meeting to complete a new Decision Support Tool (DST).

It is expected that in the majority of cases there will be no need to reassess eligibility.

If no changes to the person’s care needs are identified at the review, the CCG will inform LCC Adult Care of the outcome.

All reviews for people in receipt of a jointly funded care package will be reviewed jointly by a Health and an Adult Care practitioner.