This chapter was last reviewed and/or updated April 2021.

The Corporate Moving and Handling Policy covers all moving and handling of people activities undertaken by staff during the course of their work. It applies to all staff and the managers of staff who assist people to move.

The policy sets out a clear commitment to ensure that safe handling practices are implemented and followed.

The policy includes a number of important appendices:

  1. Legal framework and brief legislation guidance;
  2. POEL29A Back Care for Employees Engaged in the Moving and Handling of People;
  3. LCC Safe Moving and Handling of People, Policy Summary;
  4. Moving and Handling of People, Risk Assessment Guidance and Assessments;
  5. Moving and Handling Assessment for Pools;
  6. Hoist Information Pack and Moving and Handling Assessments;
  7. Community Accident Incident Report Form;
  8. Fallen Person Protocol;
  9. Falling Person Protocol;
  10. Bariatric Protocol;
  11. Wheelchair Guidance and Safety Check;
  12. Training Courses Outline Index;
  13. Safe Use of Bed Rails in the Community;
  14. Management Review following a Moving and Handling Accident / Injury;
  15. HSE Information Sheet – How the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations apply to Health and Social Care.