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Quality Practice Standards

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 1

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 2

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 3

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 4

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 5

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 6

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 7

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 8

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 9

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 10

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 11

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 12

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 13

QPS Additional Guidance Standard 14

Quality Practice Standards Audit

Quality Practice Standards print friendly


Adult Safeguarding Concern Form (PDF)

Adult Safeguarding Concern Form (Word doc)

Adult Safeguarding Process Map

Hospitals Safeguarding Adults Process

Multi-Agency Policy and Procedure

Police Information – Explicit Consent for the Disclosure of Police Information

Police Information – Request for Personal Information

Poor Practice Concern Form (internal only)

Poor Practice Flowchart

Poor Practice Guidance

Raising Concerns about a Vulnerable Child or Adult at Risk

Safeguarding Risk Assessment Tool (internal only)

Access to Information, Advice and Services

Lincolnshire Postcode List (internal only)

Mental Capacity

Adult Care Invitation Checklist (PDF)

Adult Care Invitation Checklist (Word doc)

Best Interest Checklist (PDF)

Best Interest Checklist (Word doc)

Best Interests Checklist prior to setting up (PDF)

Best Interests Checklist prior to setting up (Word doc)

Best Interests Meeting Agenda (PDF)

Best Interests Meeting Agenda (Word doc)

Best Interests Meeting Guidance

Best Interests Meeting Guidance for the Chair

Best Interests Meeting Minutes (PDF)

Best Interests Meeting Minutes (Word doc)

Consent and Capacity

Mental Capacity Act 2005 Best Interests

Mental Capacity Assessment (PDF)

Mental Capacity Assessment (Word doc)

Procedure for arranging a Best Interests Meeting


Adult Care Supported Self-Assessment

Lincolnshire Initial Conversation Practitioner Guide v2

Occupational Therapy – Self Assessment Form

RAS Questions

Risk Assessment and Management Plan

Risk Rating Quick Guide


Carers Assessment

Continuing Healthcare

CHC Prompt Card

CHC Checklists Completion Guidance

CHC Interagency Disputes Policy

CHC Periods of Notice

CHC Review Flow Chart (internal only)

Decision Support Tool

Decision Support Tool Example (internal only)

Fast Track Pathway Tool

Lincolnshire Personal Health Budget Policy

NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-Funded Nursing Care: Public Information Leaflet

Standard Operating Procedure NHS CHC Checklist

Urgent NHS Funded Nursing Care Process

When does a CCG’s CHC funding responsibility cease for a CHC Care Package? (paper)

Providing Support and Personal Budgets

Changes and Breaks in Services Guidance

Interim bed or HCS Request Form

Long Term Placement Panel Form (internal only)

Permanent Residency (Long Term Placement) Request Form (internal only)

Poor Practice Concern Form (internal only)

Pro Forma for Out of County Placements

PSS Lincolnshire Referral Form

REG Form (internal only)

Supplier Set-Up Process

Transport Referral Form (internal only)

Customer Finances

Adult Care Charging Policy

Appointee Client Account Policy and Procedure

Appointee Referral Form

Court of Protection Authority Applicant

Court of Protection Private Applicant

Court of Protection Monitoring Flowchart (internal only)

Court of Protection Monitoring Process (internal only)

Deferred Payments Agreement Fees

Deferred Payments Agreement Guidance

Factsheet – Charging for Community Care

Factsheet – Charging for Residential Care

Factsheet – Deferred payments

Factsheet – Direct Payments

Factsheet – Paying for Adult Care

Factsheet – Self Funders

FAICT Consent Referral LPFT Form (PDF)

FAICT Consent Referral LPFT Form (Word doc)

Financial Resolution Group Cribsheet (internal only)

Financial Resolution Group Information Sheet (internal only)

Financial Resolution Group Referral Form (internal only)

Financial Resolution Group Referral Form – guidance notes (internal only)

Financial Resolution Group Referral Process (internal only)

Financial Resolution Group Terms of Reference (internal only)

Personal Budget Letter

Personal Indemnity Form

Preparation for Financial Assessment Checklist

Protection of Property Appendix A – Consent form

Protection of Property Appendix B – Risk Assessment

Protection of Property Appendix C – Inventory form

Protection of Property Appendix D – Checklist for Securing Property

Protection of Property Appendix E – Waiver Request Form

Protection of Property Appendix F – Estates Referral Guidelines for Local Authorities and Hospitals

Protection of Property Guidance

Referral to DWP Visiting Form

2021 Residential Framework Agreement

Direct Payments

Customer information – Changing to a Prepaid Card

Deceased Audit (internal only)

Direct Payment Flowchart

Direct Payments Bank Details Form (PDF)

Direct Payments Bank Details Form (Word doc)

Direct Payments Employee Timesheet (PDF)

Direct Payments Employee Timesheet (Excel)

Direct Payments Guidance (internal only)

Direct Payments Personal Budget Letter

Direct Payments Policy

Direct Payments Prepaid Card Factsheet

Direct Payments Prepaid Card Guidance

Direct Payments Procedure (internal only)

Direct Payments Suspension Checklist (internal only)

Direct Payments Terms and Conditions – Customer Only

Direct Payments Terms and Conditions – Customer with Authorised Person

Direct Payments Terms and Conditions – Customer with Nominee

Direct Payments Terms and Conditions – Parent – Parental

Final Audit – Not deceased (internal only)

Internal Process

Know Your Customer Policy

Loss of Capacity Final Audit (internal only)

Ongoing Audit Set Up From New (internal only)

Penderels TPSA Referral Form (PDF)

Penderels TPSA Referral Form (Word doc)

Penderels Trust Referral Form (PDF)

Penderels Trust Referral Form (Word doc)

Redeeming Funds and Returning Funds (internal only)

Redeeming Funds and Returning Funds Deceased (internal only)

Service Specific Procedures

Accessing Lincolnshire Community Health Services – Transitional Care

Behaviour Record (internal only)

Carer Letter for DST Evidence (internal only)

Disposal and Decommissioning Equipment

Evidence Letter for Reassessment (internal only)

Extra Care Housing – Factsheet

Extra Care Housing – Flowchart

ECH Principles

Health Liaison Nurse Referral (internal only)

HM5 Hospital Managers Social Circumstances Report (internal only)


ICES Trusted Assessor Operational Procedures

Inappropriate Discharge Form Hospital (internal only)

Learning Disabilities Service Referral Form

Learning Disabilities Service Referral Guidance

Lincolnshire Frailty Pathway Letter

MHRT3 Social Circumstances Report (internal only)

Minimum Standards and Evidence Requirements (PDF)

Minimum Standards and Evidence Requirements (Word doc)

Provider Letter for DST Evidence (internal only)

Psychology Supporting Information (PDF)

Psychology Supporting Information (Word doc)

Referral Form Lincolnshire Dementia Support Service

Residential CFC (internal only)

Residential CFC Example (internal only)

SCHEDULE 9 – Third Party Agreement

SCHEDULE 10 – Third Party Waiver Form

Shared Lives 1. Referral Process

Shared Lives 2. Essential Staff Guidance

Shared Lives 3. Referral Form

Sensory Referral Form (PDF)

Sensory Referral Form (Word doc)

Supported Living CFC (internal only)

Supported Living CFC Example (internal only)

Transitional Care Pathways

Transitions Protocol for Older People with Mental Health Needs

Local Guidance and Information

Adult Care Recording Guidance

Adult Care Strengths based Assessment – knowledge and skills guide

Career Progression and ASYE Policy

Career Progression Appendix 1 – Practitioner

Career Progression Appendix 2 – Line Manager

Commissioning Out of Area Care and Support Services

CPD Reflective Log

Day Care Services Catalogue (internal only)

Legal Instruction Form (internal only)

Legislation Revoked by the Care Act

Lone Working and Transporting People Risk Assessment Guidance

Lone Working and Transporting People Risk Assessment Sample

Practice Observation (PDF)

Practice Observation (Word doc)

Supervision Agenda

Supervision Agreement (Word doc)

Supervision Student Log

Supervision Policy

Supervision Record (Word doc)

Leaflets, Booklets and Customer Information

Care and Support in Lincolnshire

Care and Support in Prison

Care and Support Planning in Lincolnshire

Eligibility Guide

Personal Budgets in Lincolnshire

Privacy Notice – Adult Care and Community Wellbeing Assessment and Support

The Mental Capacity Act Explained