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For general queries, Commercial Team – People Services can be contacted on 01522 554023.  Please leave a message and a relevant member of the team will get back to you.

Email Address:

For general queries, please email

Out of Hours:

The Lincolnshire County Council emergency out of hours number is 01522 782155, which goes through to the Emergency Duty Team.

If you would like to leave a message for the Commercial Team out of hours, you can ring 01522 554023.

Useful Information

Recruitment – Skills for Care

Workforce resilience during the pandemic is one of the most significant risks to the ongoing sustainability of care provision across the sector.

As undertaking recruitment is currently challenging, Skills for Care has a dedicated section of their website for Recruitment and Retention, with lots of useful resources to support you to recruit and retain high quality staff. To find out more, go to

Covid-19 Latest Information

Latest Government Guidance

The Government has launched a new portal to help adult social care providers access guidance in a clearly presented way. That information can be found on Coronavirus (COVID-19): adult social care guidance – GOV.UK (

Hospital Discharge Pathway

The Hospital Discharge Pathway was developed as a Covid-19 decision support tool to advise and inform regarding the hospital discharge process into a care setting. The flow chart aids decision making and actions required for all care providers including Palliative Care, Domiciliary Care, and Care Homes. The process is subject to review in line with demand.

Inappropriate Hospital Discharges

Sometimes providers are faced with scenarios where they believe there has been an inappropriate discharge from a hospital setting into their service. Where it is felt that the situation will not meet the threshold for a Safeguarding referral and no harm has occurred, the Inappropriate Discharge Form should be submitted for investigation.

Examples include;

  • A Service User arriving back at a residential home or their own home with no prior notice given to the provider
  • A Service User being discharged without appropriate moving and handling equipment in place
  • A Service User being discharged without adequate medication supply

If you are unsure whether a form should be submitted, please contact your designated Contract Officer who will be able to advise you further.

It is important that all instances are recorded and submitted for investigation so that we can establish the cause of the issue and to prevent reoccurrence.  Please ensure all staff are aware of the process and that any issues should be reported even if they were resolved following discharge.

Disclosure Barring Service

A central COVID-19 page on GOV.UK has been published to highlight the measures the DBS have taken so far to support the recruitment of those needed during the coronavirus outbreak. So far it includes:

  • The Safeguarding Factsheet for volunteers
  • The new fast-track check of the Barred Lists
  • The updated ID checking guidance
  • A link to some COVID-19 specific FAQs based on queries they’ve had.

They have also included some guidance which may be of particular use.

The Disclosure and Barring Service – GOV.UK ( page will be updated regularly as the situation develops.

Residential Care Homes

Clinical Assessment Service (CAS) for Care Homes

Need medical assistance or advice?

If it is in GP hours, then trying contacting your GP first for advice.

if you are unable to get through to your GP, or, it is out of hours, then please ring the Clinical Assessment Service (CAS) on 0300 123 4868 for the LCHS Operations Centre, then select Option 6. An advisor will take details for a clinician to call you back. Using this service ensures your concerns are addressed by a local clinician.  Please use this route rather than 111.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding (DoLS)

The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) are part of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. The safeguards aim to make sure that people in care homes and hospitals are looked after in a way that does not inappropriately restrict their freedom.

DoLS Team Contact Details


Telephone:  01522 554205

RiPfa DoLS Leaflet

DoLS Forms and Guidance

Wellbeing Information

Wellbeing Information

Guidance provided by: The Department of Health and Social Care

In light of the current pandemic, the Department of Health and Social Care have made available national resources and guidance (, providing adult social care employers with guidance, tools and advice on how to take care of the wellbeing of staff at work.

Guidance provided by: Skills for Care

Support for registered managers

  • For registered managers, peer support is extremely important. Skills for Care has opened up its members Facebook group to other registered managers and frontline managers in similar roles. This is used to share advice, experiences and good practice.
  • Similarly, registered manager networks can offer local support and are establishing WhatsApp groups to allow registered managers to stay in touch.
  • Skills for Care has also opened a new advice telephone line (0113 241 1260) and email inbox ( to provide registered managers with more support.

Additionally, Skills for Care provides existing guidance for people who employ their own staff and personal assistants, which includes where to find information about local support.

Support for those who work alone

Guidance provided by: Local Government Association

The Local Government Association, NHS England and NHS Improvement have produced information and resources for those working across the health and care sector (, including a comprehensive pack of wellbeing information ( Resources are to help health and care managers support the wellbeing of staff who may be working under exceptional pressure to do their jobs whilst dealing with their own personal situations and emotions.

Mental Health Single Point of Access

Telephone: 0800 001 4331 (open 24/7)

Or visit the “Contact Us” section of the NHS website.

A new confidential mental health and emotional wellbeing helpline has been launched.

The new helpline in Lincolnshire is a joint initiative across health, social care and the third sector, is available 24/7 and can provide emotional support, advice and guidance if you are feeling low, anxious or stressed, and think you might benefit from speaking to someone.

By calling 0800 001 4331, you can speak to a member of a highly trained and experienced team of support workers who will be able to provide appropriate support.

Bereavement Support Helpline

The Bereavement Support Helpline has been created by St Barnabas in response to the immediate and anticipated future demand on bereavement services, whether deaths are as a result of coronavirus or from other causes. Callers do NOT need to have previously used hospice services.

Information about the Bereavement Helpline

Information about the Aims and Opening times of the Bereavement Helpline

Palliative Care – 24/7 Advice Line

A 24/7 advice line is now available to provide specialist advice and support to professional and formal carers supporting palliative care patients in Lincolnshire. All health and social care professionals (including care homes/home care) in Lincolnshire can use this service. St Barnabas Staff will continue to seek senior clinical advice within St Barnabas Integrated Services.  Medical advice will continue to be available through the inpatient unit. Management of the advice line will be led by St Barnabas Hospice but delivered by palliative care staff from across several healthcare organisations.

Advice line telephone number:   0300 303 1754

Hours of access 24/7

8.00am-10.00pm via specialist nurse

10.00pm-8.00am via the inpatient unit

Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning (BCP) is a process that outlines how a business will continue operating during an unplanned disruption in service. The plan should contain contingencies for every aspect of the business that might be affected.

Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub

Business Continuity Management Toolkit

Jadu Submissions

The following links can be used to access the Jadu submissions forms:


Weekly (vacancy):






Day Care



Jadu Submission Guidance:

Residential: 202103_ Residential Provider Guidance Note_Data Submissions NewProvider v1.1

CSL: 202103_ CSL Provider Guidance Note_Data Submissions NewProvider v1.2

Day Care: 202103_ DC Provider Guidance Note_Data Submissions NewProvider v1.0

Helpful Websites

Access Your Future – Wheels to Work Scheme

Alzheimer’s Society

National Autistic Society

Community Transport Association

National Dementia Action Alliance

Dementia Friends Champions

Procurement Lincolnshire

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

Skills for Care

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)

Community Transport

Key Documents

Community Supported Living – Open Select List Contract 2020-2025

Community Supported Living – Open Select List Provider Overview 2020

Managed Care Network – Grant Funding Agreement

Suicide Prevention Wave 2 – Grant Funding Agreement

2021 Residential Framework Agreement

Integrated Outcomes Framework

Schedule 11 Equipment Schedule

Medication Management Standards for Community Based Services (Adults)

The Medication Management Standards for Adult Residential & Nursing Care Homes (including Day Services) in Lincolnshire – to follow

Care Homes – Medicines Policy – to follow