Business Continuity Planning

Business Lincolnshire Growth Hub

Business Continuity Management Toolkit

Deprivation of Liberty (DoLS)

Code of Practice

Guide for the person concerned

Guide for carers/family members

Guide for relevant person’s representative

Guide for hospitals and care homes

Making decisions: The Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA) service

Guidelines for record keeping and completing the set of forms

Deprivation of Liberty Practical Guide

DoLS Form 1 and 4

RiPfA DoLS leaflet

Information Sheet for Providers post Cheshire

Helpful Websites

Access Your Future – Wheels to Work Scheme

Alzheimer’s Society

National Autistic Society

Community Transport Association

National Dementia Action Alliance

Dementia Friends Champions

Procurement Lincolnshire

Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)

Skills for Care

Think Local Act Personal (TLAP)

Community Transport

Key Documents

Community Supported Living – Short Form of Agreement 2018

CSL Open Select List Call off Terms Final 2018

CSL Provider Overview – For Providers

Medication Management Standards for Community Based Services (Adults)

Rate Review Letter 2018-2021

Schedule 2 – Pricing Schedule

Short Form of Agreement 2018-2021

The Medication Management Standards for Adult Residential & Nursing Care Homes (including Day Services) in Lincolnshire – to follow

Schedule 9 – Third Party Agreement

Framework Agreement 2018

Managing Provider Failure Policy

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Online Vacancy Recording

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Community Supported Living Data Submission

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