Care Act Matters

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To support staff with understanding some of the key changes we have developed a series of newsletters, called ‘Care Act Matters’. These newsletters provide an overview of some of the key changes to the Care Act, and provide links to further useful resources.

Practice Bulletins

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The Adult Care Practice Bulletins are monthly newsletters produced by the Lead Professional Team. They contain new and important information, guidance, and services that Adult Care staff should be aware of.

Plese note: all documents on this page are hosted on Lincolnshire County Council’s intranet, you must be connected to a Lincolnshire County Council network to access them.

If you have anything you would like to include in future Practice Bulletins or have any comments, questions, or queries please contact the Lead Professional Team at:

New Case Law

This section contains information about recent case law and reports from the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman in relation to complaints made against local authorities.


Learning Points

As part of our programme of continuous improvement and development Adult Care routinely undertakes quality assurance activity to understand where we are doing well and help identify where we can learn organisationally, as teams and as individuals. Quality assurance activities may take the form of customer feedback and surveys, routine or themed audits and reviews of specific cases e.g Safeguarding Adults or Domestic Homicide Reviews (SAR / DHR).

Learning points from this activity is made available to Lincolnshire County Council Staff through the links below (note: these links are to follow)

  • Summary of learning points from Q2 Audits
  • Full Q2 2018 Quality Practice Audit Report
  • Full Q2 Safeguarding Audit Report
  • Summary of Learning Points from Themed audit of mental capacity