July 2019: This chapter was amended to add reference to seeking authorisation before contacting legal services.

Whether or not you are instructing legal services for the first time, and in a planned way or in an emergency, it is important that you, as an Adult Care staff member, can get the best out of your legal support. This means that advice can be provided to you in a timely, accurate and informed way which best assists and supports you in your day to day practice. The Instructing Legal Services Quick Guide (Lincolnshire County Council intranet) has been designed to help ensure that practitioners get the best advice from the legal team in the most cost effective and efficient way.

If you wish to contact the legal team, please speak with your line manager as first point of contact, who will seek authorisation from the Area Manager / General Manager if required. A Legal Instruction form (Lincolnshire County Council intranet) will need to be completed to make the referral to legal services.