July 2019: This chapter was revised to remove the Joint Funding section. This is now a separate chapter (see Joint Funding).

The Fast Track Pathway Tool (FTPT) is for use in cases where the person has ‘a rapidly deteriorating condition that may be entering a terminal phase’. With regard to fast track, this criterion constitutes a primary health need making the person eligible for fully funded NHS Continuing Healthcare.

The FTPT can be used in any setting. This includes people who are in their own home or are in a residential or nursing home placement. The purpose of the fast track process is to identify people who need to access NHS Funding quickly without having to complete a DST.

Although the National Framework says a FTPT should be supported by a diagnosis and / or a prognosis if known, there are no specific time limits regarding life expectancy; that is, the person does not have to have a maximum life expectancy of 12 weeks. The 12 week period is how long Lincolnshire CCGs will initially fund through NHS Continuing Healthcare.

The FTPT must be completed by ‘an appropriate clinician’, for example a consultant, registrar, GP, or registered nurse. Others, including Adult Care practitioners, involved in supporting a person with end of life needs can, with the person’s consent, contact an appropriate clinician to request a FTPT to be completed. The decision on whether or not to complete it will be made by the clinician.

In accordance with the National Health Service Commissioning Board and Clinical Commissioning Groups (Responsibilities and Standing Rules) Regulations 2012, the CCG must accept and action all Fast Track applications immediately.

Lincolnshire CCGs initially award fully funded NHS Continuing Healthcare for 12 weeks through the Fast Track process.

Fast Track funding can only be removed through a full Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) review of the person’s needs and completion of the DST.

Local practice is for Fast Track reviews to be undertaken before the end of the 12 week period. If the outcome of the review is that the person is no longer eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare, funding will continue until at least the end of the 12 week period. An individual can be Fast Tracked on multiple occasions. For example, if they are no longer eligible due to their needs stabilising but they then begin to rapidly deteriorate, they can be Fast Tracked again.