• A core purpose of adult care and support is to help people to achieve the outcomes that matter to them.
  • Engage customers and their representatives as fully as possible in the assessment and support planning process, and ensure the person is seen alone.
  • Involve customers in developing their care and support plan, setting their outcomes and ensuring they effectively address their needs.
  • It is not always about local authorities meeting needs directly. It is just as important that people have the information they need to take control of their care and support and choose the options that are right for them.

December 2018: Section 1, Introduction has been revised as a result of local review.

1. Introduction

The purpose of this chapter is to bring together procedures and guidance to ensure best practice in relation to planning and agreeing appropriate personal budgets.

This chapter covers the two most significant elements of personalised care and support:

  • a care and support plan developed with the person receiving support that identifies the outcomes they want to achieve;
  • an allocation of personal budget based on the person’s needs and which the person has choice and control over how it is spent.

The chapter also brings together and links to our procedures and best practice guidance on:

  • personalisation and self-directed support;
  • strengths based practice;
  • identifying outcomes;
  • agreeing an appropriate and sufficient personal budget;
  • signing off and implementing support plans.

Lincolnshire is committed to promoting choice and control through personalisation. Good practice in relation to personalisation will enable Lincolnshire to fulfil its duties under the Care Act 2014.

All practice by Adult Care should put the person receiving support at the centre of the support planning process. Personalisation, self-directed support and a strengths-based approach (detailed in the Assessment chapter) underpins our practice.

2. Quality Practice Standards

The Quality Practice Standards (see Quality Practice Standards Guidance) which underpin our practice in providing support. When completing Care and Support Planning and Personal Budgets practitioners should particularly consider the following Quality Practice Standards: